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MlSecOps Tools list

NUM Tool Description Link Data type PAID or NOT Tags Class
1 LintML lintML is a cli-based application that can provide a quick insight into potential risk in machine learning projects. It checks for credentials in code and uses static analysis to identify vulnerabilities.
Plaintext credentials.
Unsafe deserialization.
Serialization to unsafe formats.
Using untrustworthy assets.
https://github.com/JosephTLucas/lintML Code FREE Lint, sast defense
2 Giskard It is a Python library that automatically detects vulnerabilities in AI models, from tabular models to LLMs, including performance bugs, data leakage, false correlations, hallucinations, toxicity. https://github.com/Giskard-AI/giskard Code FREE library,llm defense
3 TensorFlow Model Analysis Model analysis tools for TensorFlow https://github.com/tensorflow/model-analysis Code FREE library defense
4 Fickling Tool, for backdooring Pickle files. https://github.com/trailofbits/fickling Code FREE backdooring attack
5 CleverHans Adversarial example library for attack construction, defense, and benchmarking. https://github.com/cleverhans-lab/cleverhans Image FREE adversarial,framework defense
6 Foolbox A Python library that makes it easy to perform attacks against machine learning models such as deep neural networks. It is based on EagerPy and works with models in PyTorch, TensorFlow and JAX. https://github.com/bethgelab/foolbox Image FREE adversarial,dl attack
7 SecML An open source Python library for evaluating the security of machine learning algorithms. It implements attacks for data evasion and poisoning, and can use models and attacks from various other frameworks. https://secml.readthedocs.io/en/v0.15/ Image FREE Evasion, adversarial attack
8 Safetensors Convert pickle to a safe serialization option https://github.com/huggingface/safetensors serialization data FREE pickle translator defense
9 Citadel Lens Quality testing of models according to industry standards https://www.citadel.co.jp/en/products/lens/ quality,blackbox PAID quality defense
10 Garak BlackBox vulnerability scanner for LLM. https://github.com/leondz/garak Model FREE llm, dast defense
11 Vigil LLM Vulnerability Scanner. https://github.com/deadbits/vigil-llm Model FREE llm, dast defense
12 Pyrit Library for evaluating LLM-endpoints for prompt injection, hallucinations and other LLM risks https://github.com/Azure/PyRIT Model FREE llm, library attack
13 TextAttack A framework for implementing Adversarial Attacks on NLP https://github.com/QData/TextAttack text FREE nlp, framework attack
14 Adversarial Robustness Toolbox Python library, to implement different attack vectors - evasion, poisoning, extraction and inferece. https://github.com/IBM/adversarial-robustness-toolbox Image FREE adversarial attack
15 Copycat CNN https://github.com/jeiks/Stealing_DL_Models Image FREE attack
16 Counterfit A framework for machine learning security with the ability to implement adversarial attacks. https://github.com/Azure/counterfit image, text FREE framework, cli attack
17 Lakera AI red-teaming A tool for automated assessment of risks associated with Generative AI https://www.lakera.ai/ai-red-teaming model PAID dast, llm attack
18 ModelScan A tool to detect vulnerabilities and flaws related to serialization in machine learning models. https://github.com/protectai/modelscan Model FREE sast, protectai defense
19 Model-Inversion-Attack-ToolBox A framework for implementing Model Inversion attacks https://github.com/ffhibnese/Model-Inversion-Attack-ToolBox Image FREE framework, cli, blackbox attack
20 Rebuff Prompt Injection Detector. https://github.com/protectai/rebuff text FREE llm, detector defense
21 NeMo-Guardials NeMo Guardrails allow developers building LLM-based applications to easily add programmable guardrails between the application code and the LLM. https://github.com/NVIDIA/NeMo-Guardrails text FREE llm, firewall defense
22 Advertorch AdverTorch contains modules for generating adversarial examples and defending against them. https://github.com/BorealisAI/advertorch Image FREE adversarial,python attack
23 AdvBox A tool to generate and defend against Adversarial Attacks created by Baidu. https://github.com/advboxes/AdvBox Image FREE adversarial, baidu attack
24 MlSploit A tool for generating adversarial attacks. https://mlsploit.github.io/ Image FREE adversarial, cloud attack
25 AugLy A tool for generating adversarial attacks. https://github.com/facebookresearch/AugLy Image FREE  adversarial, facebook attack
26 Knockoffnets PoC to implement BlackBox attacks to steal model data. https://github.com/tribhuvanesh/knockoffnets Image FREE BlackBox, model stealing attack
27 Robust Intelligence Continous Validation Tool for continuous model validation for compliance with standards https://www.robustintelligence.com/platform/continuous-validation Model PAID Validation, Robust defense
28 NB Defense Scanner for Jupyter Notebook, can detect secrets, CVEs in imported libraries and misconfigurations in ipynb https://nbdefense.ai/ code FREE SAST, notebooks defense
29 AI Exploits Exploits for MLOPS infrastructure https://github.com/protectai/ai-exploits infrastructure FREE exploits, mlops attack
30 Machine Learning oooops ... Attack Tool A tool for realizing attacks on MLOPS infrastructure. https://github.com/wearetyomsmnv/mlat infrastructure FREE framework,cli, exploits attack
31 Guardian Model protection in CI/CD https://protectai.com/guardian code PAID ci/cd, mlops defense
32 VGER Jupyter Attack framework https://github.com/JosephTLucas/vger notebook FREE framework,cli,hash attack
33 AIShield Watchtower An open source tool from AIShield for studying AI models and scanning for vulnerabilities. https://github.com/bosch-aisecurity-aishield/watchtower code FREE secrets,modelscan defense
34 Databricks Platform, Azure Databricks Datalake data management and implementation tool ALL DATA PAID datalake, azure defense
35 Hidden Layer AI Detection Response A tool for detecting and responding to incidents. AI Detection & Response | HiddenLayer Model PAID TIDR defense
36 Hidden Layer AISEC Platform The AISec platform provides automated and scalable protection specifically designed for GenAI, enabling rapid deployment and proactive response to attacks without the need to access private data or models. https://hiddenlayer.com/aisec-platform/ Model PAID hidden layer defense
37 Guardrails AI Firewall between AI API and user interaction to prevent PII leaks Guardrails AI Text PAID defense
38 Privacy meter A library for evaluating data privacy. https://github.com/privacytrustlab/ml_privacy_meter text,image,docs FREE privacy, data defense
39 ARX -Data Anonymization Tool Tool for anonymizing datasets https://arx.deidentifier.org/ image,text FREE anonymization, data defense
Data set for testing LLM for prompt injection capability https://huggingface.co/datasets/natolambert/xstest-v2-copy text FREE dataset defense
41 Syft Syft separates private data from model learning using techniques such as federated learning, differential privacy, and encrypted computing. https://github.com/OpenMined/PySyft all data FREE library defense
42 differential-privacy-library
It is a library designed for differential privacy and machine learning. Its goal is to allow experimentation, simulation and implementation of differentially private models. https://github.com/IBM/differential-privacy-library all data FREE library defense
43 Data-Veil Data masking and anonymization tool https://veil.ai/ image FREE anonymization, data defense
44 Private AI Synthetic data generation and anonymization tool https://private-ai.com/ image,text,audio,video,docs PAID defense
45 Databricks Delta Live Tables A tool to check the quality of streaming data https://www.databricks.com/product/delta-live-tables streaming,batch PAID quality, data defense
46 dvc Data versioning tool https://dvc.org/ all data FREE version defense
47 Watermark papers Repository with paper's about watermarking in LLMs and image generators https://github.com/hzy312/Awesome-LLM-Watermark image, text FREE,arxiv defense
48 Adversarial Watermarking Transformer (AWT) Tracking text provenance using data masking https://github.com/S-Abdelnabi/awt text FREE defense
49  lsb-watermarking Data watermarking by LSB method https://github.com/saltyprogrammer/lsb-watermarking image FREE defense
50 DVC-DWT image watermarking A digital image watermarking algorithm based on combining two transformations, DWT and DCT. https://github.com/diptamath/DWT-DCT-Digital-Image-Watermarking image FREE defense
51 Convolutional-Neural-Network-Based-Image-Watermarking-using-Discrete-Wavelet-Transform Creating a watermark for CNN https://github.com/alirezatwk/Convolutional-Neural-Network-Based-Image-Watermarking-using-Discrete-Wavelet-Transform image FREE defense